About Us

Purus…… Pure Quality . Pure Value . Pure Service

Purus International Inc. was founded in November of 2002 and began operations in January of 2003. Purus was founded to fill an ever widening niche in the industrial cleanroom mat market. Purus International concentrated on a limited number of distributors in the US, European and Asian markets to offer a high quality cleanroom mat line.

Since that time, Purus International has grown to become the leading supplier of cleanroom matting for the US and European markets. We have built on the relationships with our primary distributors to form alliances and partnerships that resulted in new product offerings.  Purus expanded our mat line to include the IntroMat and SportMat for the Home, Leisure, and Workplace markets.

In 2004, Purus introduced a new and innovative line of cleanroom paper and documentation and in 2007, Purus added the PureTouch glove liner. All of these products were the result of customer needs and requirements that were not being met in the marketplace.

Located in the Coachella Valley, near Palm Springs, CA, our domestic and international sales team, customer service and management staff is committed to bringing products to the cleanroom industry with an emphasis on quality, value and service.

Purus International, Indio CA. The headquarters for Purus is located in Indio CA. All of the US operations are coordinated from this 

location. A complete ready-to-ship inventory of all Purus products is located here for immediate availability.

Purus Cleanroom Solutions, LLC. October, 2009, Purus announces the
addition of our newest European location – Purus Cleanroom Solutions, LLC in Limerick, Ireland. Operations from this location will target new opportunities in the European market.

Dennis Baldwin is the founder and President of Purus International. Prior to the start of Purus in January of 2003, Dennis was with ALMA Inc. of Palm Springs, CA from 1985-2001. He served as the Sales Manager, Vice President and President of ALMA Inc. until the sale of the company in 2001. He then assumed the position of General Manager of the business unit ITW-ALMA until 2002. He currently oversees all aspects of the production, sales and operations of Purus International in North America, Asia and Europe. Dennis holds a BA in Economics from the University of CA, Davis and lives in Palm Desert CA with his wife and three daughters.

He can be contacted at dbaldwin@purusint.com