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Disinfectant Floor Mats For Retail Stores and Malls

CDC Study Shows Coronavirus Can Live on Floors, Shoes

Purus EnviroTack™ Disinfectant Floor Mats:

  • Capture over 99% of microbes, dust, contaminants, and bacteria from shoes.*
  • Ideal for store entrances, delivery doorways, and office entrances.
  • Used internationally in hospitals and clean rooms.
  • Add an important layer of protection for shoppers and employees.
*Evaluation of the Performance of Adhesive Mat Flooring on Microbial Adherence 2015

Easy to Install

Adhere the mat to your floor and its ready to use.

Easy to Use

Each mat has 30 individual layers that you peel off when a fresh sheet is needed.

Easy to Discard

Both the mat base and layers can be recycled.

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