Purus EnviroTack™ Mats Are One Of Today’s Most Effective Disinfectant Floor Mats For Hospitals, Medical Facilities, and Cleanrooms

Hospital and cleanroom sticky mats feature a tacky surface designed to keep sterile environments free from contamination. With a CDC study showing the coronavirus can live on floors and shoes, placing these mats in your critical environments can add an important layer of protection.

What makes the EnviroTack™ Mats so effective is a proprietary anti-microbial additive that captures over 99% of microbes, dust, contaminants, and bacteria from shoes and equipment wheels*. And EnviroTack™ is the first ever disinfectant floor mat manufactured with renewable materials, providing a more sustainable, and recyclable alternative.

Learn the five reasons why the Purus EnviroTack™ Mat is unbeatable.

* Evaluation of the Performance of Adhesive Mat Flooring on Microbial Adherence 2015

A Report On The Performance Of Our Anti-Microbial Adhesive

The EnviroTack™ Mat Benefits

Reduces CO2 Emissions**

Contains GMO free, renewable, plant-based Cardia Biohybrid™ material.

Strong and Effective

Each layer has an anti-microbial adhesive to deliver superior performance.


Can be recycled in conventional plastic recycling streams.

Full-Service and Support

Backed by Purus International’s world-class service and customer support

No Cost Impact

Earth friendly without paying more.

** Life Cycle Assessment – RMIT University
*** Recycling analysis – Smith RAPRA Technology

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Download the Report - Evaluation of the performance of adhesive mat flooring microbial adherence