Superior Quality Tack Mats to Keep Dirt and Dust Out of Your Workspace
Employee walking on cleanroom mat
Employee walking on cleanroom mat
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warehouse working walking on cleanroom mat
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Purus EnviroTack™ Mats

For Cleanroom, Hospital, and Industrial Use

Purus EnviroTack™ Mats are the first ever contamination control product containing renewable plant-based materials, providing an environmentally friendly alternative for socially responsible organizations.

Purus EnviroTack™ Mats remove and contain dirt and dust from foot traffic and equipment wheels. Purus mats are available in 30 or 60-layer versions. Each layer of the mat is fully coated with a particle grabbing adhesive and constructed of low density polyethylene film. A low profile numbered tab indicates the number of remaining layers and ensures one-Iayer-at-a-time removal.

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“From this data set, it is clear that the mat prevents in excess of 99% of bacteria from entering a protected zone.” – Evaluation of the Performance of Adhesive Mat Flooring on Microbial Adherence 2015

Our partnership with Purus is very valuable to us. We provide the highest levels of support and service to our customers and rely on those same levels of support and service from our suppliers.

Purus delivers this consistently. The team at Purus not only provides timely responses, but also takes a proactive approach to helping us succeed.

~Michelle R. – Benchmark Products


  • Microelectronics
  • Biotech
  • Semiconductor
  • Pharma Production

Pharmaceutical Compounding

  • 797 Pharmaceutical Compounding

Data Centers


  • Operating Environments
  • ICU Centers


Industrial Work Spaces

  • Airport Hangers
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • New Construction
  • Warehouse


SizeColor30 Layer-4/cs30 Layer-8/cs60 Layer-4/cs
18"×36"WhitePM 1836 34 WPS 1836 38 WPS 1836 64 W
18"×45"WhitePM 1845 34 WPS 1845 38 WPS 1845 64 W
24"×36"WhitePM 2436 34 WPS 2436 38 WPS 2436 64 W
26"×45"WhitePM 2645 34 WPS 2645 38 WPS 2645 64 W
36"×45"WhitePM 3645 34 WPS 3645 38 WPS 3645 64 W
SizeColor30 Layer-4/cs30 Layer-8/cs60 Layer-4/cs
18"×36"BluePM 1836 34 BPS 1836 38 BPS 1836 64 B
18"×45"BluePM 1845 34 BPS 1845 38 BPS 1845 64 B
24"×36"BluePM 2436 34 BPS 2436 38 BPS 2436 64 B
26"×45"BluePM 2645 34 BPS 2645 38 BPS 2645 64 B
36"×45"BluePM 3645 34 BPS 3645 38 BPS 3645 64 B
Regular TackHigh Tack
FilmLow density polyethyleneLow density polyethylene
Film Thickness/Layer1.8 mil / 45 μm 30L/4/case
1.4 mil / 35 μm 30L/8/case
1.4 mil / 35 μm 60L/4/case
1.8 mil / 45 μm 30L/4/case
1.4 mil / 35 μm 30L/8/case
1.4 mil / 35 μm 60L/4/case
Adhesive Thickness0.3 mil. / 8 μm0.3 mil. / 8 μm
Peel Adhesion “top”6.5 oz. / 190g/25mm ± 409.25 oz. / 250g/25mm ± 40
Heat Resistance158°F / 70° C – 48 Hours158°F / 70° C – 48 Hours

Manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facility

The Benefits

Earth Friendly*

Contains GMO free, renewable, plant based Cardia BioHybrid™ material that reduces CO2 emissions.

Strong and Effective

Adhesive coated mats deliver the same reliable and high-end performance

Competitive Price

Earth friendly without paying more.

Image Enhancer

Improves your corporate image by lowering your carbon footprint.

Full-Service and Support

Backed by Purus International’s world-class service and customer support.


Can be recycled in conventional plastic recycling streams.

* Life Cycle Assessment performed by the Centre for Design at RMIT University** Recycling analysis performed by Smith RAPRA Technology*** Environmental Ecosystem analysis performed by ExcelPlas

Our Impact***

Based on Purus International’s current annual production volume of approximately one million pounds, Purus EnviroTack™ Mats will save 135 metric tons of C02 emissions, the equivalent of carbon sequestered by 160 acres of forests in one year.

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