Cleanroom Paper Products to Maintain Your Contamination-Free Workplace
Scientist using PureImage Paper

Pure Image Cleanroom Paper

Pure Image Cleanroom Paper is the most advanced line of clean paper and documentation available for the most demanding applications. Pure Image Cleanroom Paper utilizes a Dual Binding Technology that is low in particles and created for low particle shed. Ideal for laser or ink jet printers, photocopying and hand writing in a controlled environment. Pure Image Cleanroom Paper is also bonded without organic fillers and yet completely recyclable.

Cleanroom Paper

  • Dual Binding Technology
  • Suitable for use in Class 10 to Class 1000 (ISO class 4 to Class 6) cleanroom.
  • Pure image Premier Paper produced in Class 100 (ISO 5) cleanroom.
  • Excellent printability and heat toner adhesion.
  • Double sided web cleaned prior to sheeting.
  • High opacity and durability.
  • Recyclable

Cleanroom Notebook

  • Cleanroom processed and packaged
  • Amide and Silicone free
  • Dual Binding Technology without any organic fillers
  • Completely recyclable
  • Custom printing available


  • Microelectronics
  • Biotech
  • Semiconductor
  • Pharma Production

Cleanroom Paper

SizeWeight (*)Color (**)Poly SubstrateSynthetic SubstratePackaging (***)
8.5" x 11"22lbBluePCIB 1084CLCIB 2021C250/10/2500, cs
8.5" x 11"22lbWhitePCIW 1082CLCIW 2010C250/10/2500, cs
8.5" x 11"22lbYellowPCIY 1086CLCIY 2012C250/10/2500, cs
8.5" x 11"22lbGreenPCIG 1090CLCIG 2012C250/10/2500, cs

(*) 28lb and 11”x17” are also avalible in select sizes and colors
(**) Pink, Cream, Orange and Purple are also available in 8.5”x11” paper.
(***) Packaging is formatted in Sheets per Ream / Reams per Case / Sheets per Case.

Cleanroom Notebook

SizeColorLatex SubstratePackaging
8.5" x 11"WhitePNB CI 8.5×11 2210-L10/cs
5.5" x 8.5"WhitePNB CI 5.5×8.5 2220-L20/cs
3" x 4"WhitePNB CI 3×4 2240-L40/cs

Cleanroom Paper

Specification22lb/80 gsm28 lb/105 gsm
Basis Weight (g/m2)78 – 83102 – 107
Caliper (micron)94 – 104110 – 120
Tear Strength MD/CD74/7580/81
Brightness (%)88 – 9288 – 92

Cleanroom Notebook

Specification22 lb/80 gsm
Basis Weight (g/m2)102 – 107
Caliper (micron)110 – 120
Tear Strength MD/CD80/81
Brightness (%)88 – 92

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