PURUS Holiday Work at The Refuge - Purus International, Inc.

PURUS Holiday Work at The Refuge

Since its inception in November, PURUS International Inc. has remained steadfast to its mission of supporting a clean environment by providing premium-quality and highly dependable products. By staying at the edge of innovation and technology, our company has expanded significantly over the years becoming one of the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers of cleanroom mats, paper, and glove liners in the European and United States markets. With our relentless commitment and passion for delivering environmentally friendly products, this company has forged long-lasting relationships with our distributors, customers, and surrounding community.

As an appreciation to our community and the society at large for standing with us since we began, our company has been participating in various charitable events. One of the places we contributed to during the holidays was The Refuge, an orphanage out of Mexicali and Tijuana. The orphanage takes care of 18 children by providing them with food, shelter, education, and opportunity for a better life. Formed out of a desire to see homeless and helpless children achieve their dreams, The Refuge has created an environment that is less of an institution but more of a family home where children can lead a healthy family life and heal from their previous situations.

With a desire to stand in the gap and make a difference in the lives of the children, we supplied the kids with a vast array of essential items such as food, personal care items, cleaning supplies, and of course some exciting gifts such as toys and snacks. Beyond the physical benefit of the supplies, our hope is that the donations also provided the kids with encouragement to continue on the positive paths they’re on.

As a company that started from scratch and grew to become the robust cleanroom supply enterprise we are today, we understand how a little support can make a big difference. As PURUS, we make it our duty to ensure that we participate in charity events and try to impact the lives of others in our society.

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