Purus, Author at Purus International, Inc.

Five Reasons Why The Purus EnviroTack™ Mat Is Unbeatable

What contamination control mat is the best choice for your clean room, medical facility, or industrial operation? With dozens of competing products from disposable to washable all saying they are, it may seem daunting, if not impossible, to know which one really is the best. But once you discover the following five EnviroTack™ benefits that [...]

The Path to Carbon Neutrality

As climate change continues to become a more urgent threat to ecosystems across the globe, individuals, businesses, and nations are taking collective responsibility in the quest to save the planet for future generations. One way in which many companies are contributing to environmental conservation is committing to a carbon-neutral future. Driving the carbon-neutral initiative not [...]

PURUS Q1 Carbon Offset Progress

The condition and ongoing health of our environment is highly dependent on how we all come together to support and invest in carbon emission reduction projects. A critical tool that is being utilized by various entities is carbon offsetting programs, where businesses donate a percentage of their revenue per shipment to projects such as renewable [...]

What is a Cleanroom? A Beginner’s Guide

Cleanrooms: Functions and Areas of Application A cleanroom is a controlled environment that has an extremely low concentration of pollutants like chemical vapors, aerosol particles, and dust. Cleanrooms have predetermined conditions that set the number of particles per cubic meter depending on the required level of purity in the room. Such rooms are used in [...]

PURUS Holiday Work at The Refuge

Since its inception in November, PURUS International Inc. has remained steadfast to its mission of supporting a clean environment by providing premium-quality and highly dependable products. By staying at the edge of innovation and technology, our company has expanded significantly over the years becoming one of the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers of cleanroom mats, [...]

Purus Partners with CARBONFUND.ORG Foundation via Flexport Carbon Neutral Program

Carbonfund.org celebrates our carbon neutral partnership with Purus. Purus is offsetting their freight shipping CO2 emissions through our carbon neutral partnership with Flexport and Flexport.org; a freight forwarding and customs brokerage based in San Francisco. Purus is a global supplier of contamination control products for cleanroom and hospital markets with manufacturing sites located in California, [...]

2018 Readers’ Choice Awards Winners Announced

In its fourth year, the Readers’ Choice Awards highlight the cleanroom equipment and supplies that readers judge most effective and trusted in their work. Cleanroom equipment and product suppliers were invited to submit their products for these prestigious awards. Winners in each category were chosen based on a voting survey sent to a select group [...]

Lokad Case Study

Purus International provides the highest level of customer service. It is at the core of their business model. However costly stock levels were impeding upon their overall ability to serve. Lokad helped them find the right way to automate and balance stock levels, allowing them to generate solid inventory planning and maintain high service levels. [...]

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