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The Path to Carbon Neutrality

As climate change continues to become a more urgent threat to ecosystems across the globe, individuals, businesses, and nations are taking collective responsibility in the quest to save the planet for future generations. One way in which many companies are contributing to environmental conservation is committing to a carbon-neutral future. Driving the carbon-neutral initiative not only helps enterprises to mitigate climate changes but also brings a wide range of benefits. These include retaining and attracting customers, boosting efficiency, and reducing overhead costs.

What is Carbon Neutrality?

Carbon neutrality is the reduction of carbon footprint to zero by improving in-house efficiency and reducing external emissions.  As technology and innovations continue to affect every aspect of human life, companies around the world have an opportunity to be a part of the solution to climate change. PURUS is one of the many enterprises that have taken the first step towards carbon neutrality.

However, given the diverse sources of carbon emissions in various enterprises, the crucial question is what should be done to reduce carbon footprint. By leveraging technology and embracing collaborative efforts, businesses of all sizes can make the transition to becoming more environmentally friendly.

Why Purus Decided to Go Carbon-Neutral

1. For the Environment
With much of climate change being attributed to human-emitted greenhouse gases, there is a need for human intervention. By embracing the carbon-neutral initiative, Purus will become part of the solution in the quest to bring net-zero greenhouse gas emission in our business. Additionally, through our coordinated efforts, we would contribute to reducing actual GHG emission into the atmosphere over time. This will help reduce the severe impacts of climate change, which are being witnessed all around the globe.

2. For Our Customers
There is a global outcry from customers asking various businesses to take part in the fight against climate change. At PURUS, we believe that this is what our customers want. We are trying to create a company where customers can buy products with peace of mind knowing that they are not contributing to environmental pollution. And at the same time, fulfill the requirements for constant improvement required by quality control parameters.

3. For Our Business Health
By reducing high-emission activities such as excessive energy use and pursuing the most efficient transportation of our products at all stages, we can significantly save money in fuel costs every year. With more countries and businesses trending towards a reduced carbon footprint, going carbon-neutral at this time will keep our company ahead of the curve when future emission regulations come into place. Being sustainable will also lead to the attraction of more loyal customers, as we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the market, as well as create goodwill in all our business activities.

PURUS will be following a 5-step process, as outlined by CarbonNeutral, to achieve our goal of carbon neutrality.

The Five Steps to Achieving Carbon Neutrality

1. Define
The first step to carbon neutrality is defining exactly which aspects of our business are going to take the initiative. We can identify the specific areas in the company are contributing to carbon emission and make those business activities carbon neutral, or our entire company can become carbon neutral. At PURUS, our ultimate goal is for the entire company to become carbon neutral.

2. Measure
The next step is to assess and quantify our greenhouse gas (GHG) emission base. Measuring a businesses’ carbon footprint should be as per the industry standards such as Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol standards, ISO 14064 series, and ISO 14040 series, among others. Additionally, it must be based on relevant and publicly available factors from reliable and recognized sources.

3. Target
The third step is to establish goals for a net-zero GHG emission within a specified period of time. Here, internal reduction targets are developed to ensure that the reduction occurs gradually at all levels in an organization. Enterprises must set reasonable targets for effective and efficient attainment of zero-emission. Once PURUS is in-process with our initiative, we will share our targets and tactics for achieving carbon neutrality.

4. Reduce
The next step is to reduce the companies GHG emission. This is achieved through reduction and replacement strategies that are directed to the primary sources of GHG emissions in an enterprise. PURUS’ plan will pin-point the emission reduction measures we will undertake and the volume of emissions we will reduce within a specified period.

5. Communicate
The fifth and final step is to let our customers and other stakeholders understand that we have achieved carbon neutrality! We plan to share information at each step of the process in order to keep our customers informed and spread awareness of the carbon neutral initiative.

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